Monday, September 14, 2009

A bit about the pictures

The studio (the little white building) started out as an old garden shed We still have some landscaping, window boxes, etc to do but it's coming right along. The interior I painted a soft Robins egg blue with white trim and ceiling. I love that color, it's my happy muse color. =) I left the floors the original plank wood floors, they seemed easy to clean and I like that rustic look. As you can see I have a cute little day bed in the studio, sometimes meditating on an idea or just a plain old afternoon nap is all it takes to inspire the next creation. My DH gifted me with all the modern conveniences, air conditioning (a must in Florida) Cable Tv, Computer, and of course the Ipod dock. It's quite a little home away from home place. I am searching for more art for the walls and petite crystal chandeliers for the lighting instead of the ugly bulbs there now. ;) I just have to have my bling bling. The woods are as far as you can see and filled with all kinds of adventures. I posted some pictures of a little cottage garden I am working on at the front of the house. The birds and butterflies go crazy here. I love that.

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Carol McBride said...

Kim your new home is lovely,what beautiful surroundings.I especially love your studio it's beautiful and the I can tell the magic abounds there!Looking forward to seeing more pics of your place.Kind Regards,Carol