Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time Flies

Where did my summer go? I moved to a new home, my Secret Garden so to speak. We are a sweet cottage in the middle of an enchanted forest of birds, butterflies, bunnies, tortoise, fox and coyote. I am sure there may be a few bear, skunk and other furry friends roaming about they just haven't showed themselves to us yet. In time I am sure they will. It's befitting we call this place Notre Petite Maison (our sweet cottage). The Studio started out as a garden shed and thanks to my loving husband it is a wonderful working studio. While it's functional now it's not quite finished yet. My mind see's the cobblestone pathway & patio, the french gothic picket fence and lush florals that will surrounded it yet my body hasn't made it happen yet. The interior will be graced with petite crystal chandeliers and my resting daybed will be much more inviting soon.I can walk from my front door in pajama's, stop and smell the roses & wildflowers and feed the birds all on my journey to work. What more could I ask for?The fall brings on work at Notre Petite Maison. I am designing a Kitchen Garden that will invite florals for cutting, herbs, vegetables and sweet fruits. We hope to begin planting by February so there is much work to be done. The studio gardens, walkway and patio hopefully will be worked on too this fall. I will be posting some pics of our home and studio. I hope you will join me.

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Sir Álvert said...

Love your creations!!! Congratulations.

Greetings from Spain.